I love being active in my community, it fills my life with more purpose and is a way for me to give back to those who support me. Throughout the years, I’ve been involved in several student organizations and volunteer work. And yes, I did all of these organizations, worked two jobs, as well as completed my three Bachelor’s Degrees in four years all at the same time. (No, I didn’t sleep much.)

Volunteer, 2016 – 17

I volunteer with Listo, an after-school program for children whose parents are learning English. I help with homework, make messes with finger paint, and give lots of horseback rides. Listo provides Spanish-speaking and immigrant families with educational support in their native language. The after-school program provides homework help, gym and craft activities, and dinner for 3-12 year olds.

Student Organizations, 2011 – 15

I take pride in my student leadership and involvement at the University of Iowa.

I was a founding member of Student Ambassadors of Ponseti, an organization that supports families and children with clubfoot. There, I developed the organization’s website, held office hours to connect with students and parents, as well as organized and helped build a homecoming float for the kids we supported.

At the same time, I was Design Editor and later Editor-in-Chief of the National Association of Black Journalists. I assisted, edited, and wrote stories of the organization’s publication, Nuru. Here’s a copy of my last, yet so powerful, edition with the org.

As an executive member of the Feminist Union, I helped create promotional materials for our activism events, like a Gender-Equality bake sale, the Slut Walk, and Take Back the Night.

During my time at Quill and Scroll, the International High School Journalism Society, I was Editor-in-Chief of our annual publication for high school students and teachers. I also participated as an Olive Garden, “Pasta Tales”, essay judge, where I read essays and helped select the top ten student organizations that would receive Olive Garden scholarship support.

In the summers, I worked as a High School Journalism Camp Counselor for the University. I also supported the History Society’s Elementary School Competition, where I was a judge for Historical Presentations.

I participated in several student-led events, such as: English Voices, Young Adult Fiction Showcase, Human Rights Voices, Nonfiction Showcase, and the Religious Studies showcase.


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