Content Marketing

For two years, I worked with EMyth, an international business coaching company. EMyth is best known for their book, “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.”

At EMyth, I was the only content writer for over a year and a key member for several projects. Below are PDF’s of EMyth’s most successful emails, written by me as well as their related offers. All links, unless stated otherwise, were written, edited, and created by me.

Jeff Schneider

Jeff is one of EMyth’s many successful clients. For this campaign, I helped storyboard each of his podcast episodes, wrote and edited the related emails, as well as wrote each introduction and outro. His story is part of our Welcome Drip, a drip campaign that I helped implement and create.

Listen to Jeff’s Podcast Episode Part One, and Part Two. And, read Jeff’s Email.

Drew Anderson

Drew owns one of the world’s leading underwater repair companies. As one of our top client stories, I created a new announcement email that is part of EMyth’s Welcome Drip. I did not participate in the creation of his video, but you can still watch it here.

Read Drew’s Story.

Ravindra Yadav

Ravindra is a former client turned EMyth Coach whose story is one of EMyth’s most popular client stories. I had the pleasure of interviewing him and writing his story in his voice. 

Read Ravindra’s story and see it on EMyth’s website here.

On It, Podcast

On It, is a monthly podcast that tells the stories of business owners who rediscovered their passion, and created the business they’ve always wanted. I wrote the introductions and storyboarded each episode of the podcast, as well as audio edited episodes 1-3.

You can find all episodes of On It, here on EMyth’s website, or here on Soundcloud.

A Guide to Creating Your Org Chart

This technical guide is designed to be a sample of EMyth’s business coaching product. The guide, the emails, and all marketing assets were all written and created by me.

Read the guide here, the announcement email here, the corresponding follow-up email here, and see marketing assets here.

Six Steps to Grow in 2016, 2017

This is an evergreen campaign launched each year to help guide business owners through creating an annual plan. This campaign is expansive, with email reminders, tips, and more to help keep engagement consistent. For this reason, I’ve included the main six emails, as well as screenshots of the website assets in one PDF for you to browse. You can join the series here. P.S. We created this campaign (from idea to execution, including coding) in four days with a team of three. 

View the Six Steps to Grow Campaign.

Six Steps to Thinking Systemically about Frustrations

This technical guide is a drip series that consists of several emails written by me to help business owners think about the problems in their business differently. The drip series consists of six emails and a guide. This campaign also had a corresponding quiz, written and created by me, to help guide new contacts on social media to this drip series. All marketing assets were written and created by me.

Read the guide here, read the email drips here, check out the quiz here, and read the follow-up directing contacts to the series here.

Systems Campaign

EMyth is widely known as being the “systems people,” with a popular phrase of, “the system runs the business, the people run the system.” This campaign has a quiz that directs contacts to our technical guide. 

Check out the quiz announcement, the quiz, the quiz follow-up email, the Systems Guide Announcement, the technical guide, and the technical guide follow-up here.




While these are EMyth’s top content offers, I also created much more, as well as edited each blog post from 2016-2017. You can check out more of the *resources created by me here on EMyth’s website, and read all of the *client stories I wrote here.

*The E-Myth Revisited, The E-Myth Roadmap, E-Myth Mastery Worksheets, and The EMyth Masterclass were not created by me.

*At the time of this post, stories written by me include Highland Cycles, Danrae Waterproofing, Lumagate, Harpy Core Network, Creative Concrete, Capital Living, and Accu-Bore.


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